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Eve's Revenge

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Raven Star has a blogtalk radio show every Saturday at 6pm-7pm.

Raven has just received a new contract for her new horror Half Ghost.

Vampire's Embrace is out now through Damnation Books and in print from Amazon.

Raven is working on another horror called Empty Nest while searching for an agent for her young adult series Book of the Ancients.

Raven Starr will be on What's Hot A.R.E.'S Blogtalk radio ON May 24TH, 2010 at 9:30 pm EST

Then on June 26th at 12pm EST time she'll be reading an excerpt from Thieves in the Night now in Print. The mini-sode will be 15 minutes long.


Hello all,

I'm taking some books off but they'll be back bigger and better. I finally finished my Young Adult it's 80k words called Book of the Ancients ~ Lost Guardian by KD Todd. KD Todd is going to be my new pen name for all my young adult work. Spread the word.

I'm also very happy to announce I'm a proud member of RWA and the Horror Writer's of New England. Yep, I've been busy. I will have a new book coming out with Damnation books in September 2011 called Half Ghost. I will post the cover of Half Ghost, so make sure you're on the look out for that one.

I also have Tainted Blood my Were story with a better cover up so please check out the story. I'm searching for an agent for my YA series. Wish me luck. There is still plenty of room at my yahoo group, so please join. You can also find me on Facebook. I also have a new book to the start off my short Fallen Angel Series called His Name is Michael coming soon from Red Rose Publishing.

Here is the book trailer for Vampire's Embrace

Don't forget about my short from Mocha Memoir Press called
Separate but Together.

Here is the review piece from Torn:

5 Cups review from HEA. "I loved how Raven brought all these emotions of Alyssa to life and how she overcomes it is one worth reading. Definitely a great read. I love this review.

I'm writing new series and connection to other books. Going Home Again is going into print so I'll be back with new links.

Lots of love,